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3 Tips for Enjoying A Mango

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enjoying a mangoeIf you are in a summer climate, there is nothing better then the taste of the a fresh Mango.  Whether it’s a barbecue or added to a smooth dessert, or a salad, bringing mangoes to your table is easy :

Here are 3 tips for enjoying a mango :

Buying Mangoes

This one is simple, just use your nose ! Fresh mangoes will have a tropical scent and be firm to the touch.

Storing mangoes

Let mangoes ripen on the bench top, before putting them in the fridge, where they’ll keep for three days.Mango tips that you need to know

Mango Tips

Cut off the cheeks and use a glass to scoop out the mango flesh whole.  This make a great addition to Salads or desserts.

There they are, just three simple tips to help you enjoy Mangoes.

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