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5 Simple Tips for Cooking Better Tasting Pasta

By on November 5, 2014 in Cooking Ideas with 0 Comments

Cooking PastaPasta is a easy dish to make, but most people get it wrong, its either over cooked, not cooked enough. You might of heard the old wifes tail about throwing cooked Spaghetti at the wall if it sticks its cooked if it doesn’t its under cooked. We wanted to give you 5 tops tips for how to cook pasta.

1. Water

Make sure you use a big pot, enough to allow for one liter of water per 100 grams of pasta.

2. Don’t water your olive oil

Obviously oil and water don’t mix – and adding it to the water is a waste. Unlike poor quality pasta. Quality pasta doesn’t need oil in the water to combat sticky starch being released. Adding oil will only coat the pasta, causing the sauce to slide off.

3. Add Salt

Just before you big pot of water reaches boiling point, add salt. This is purely to enhance the flavour – how much is up to you. We’d recommend seven grams per litre of water.

4. From Pot To Pan

Good quality pasta won’t stick together so there’s no need to rinse. In fact, rinsing pasta removes a light starch coating, which is important to hold the sauce. So, instead, remove the pasta from the water just prior to it being cooked (a minute or two) and combine to with the sauce in the pan. Finished the pasta cooking process in the pan helps it absorb all the beautiful flavours of your sauce.

5. Just enough sauce to coat the pasta

Well cooked pasta is delicious so make sure you can taste it. The general rule is that you should use as much pasta as you do sauce.

That it 5 really simple tips for cooking better tasting pasta. Try it, it will make a world of difference to your pasta nights.

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