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Paleo Cookbook Series Review

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the-paleo-diet-pyramidSo, we’ve been going on a bit about Paleo and how great it is. We wanted to time to really dive in and review Paleo Cookbook Series that we purchased.  Now, we need to say this up front, there are plenty of these types of paleo cookbooks out there, just Google them and you will find plenty to look at.  We looked at a few different cookbooks, before we settled on this particular one, (Here’s a closer look at why we bought this Paleo Book)

Now just to cover what a Paleo diet is:

The Paleo Diet emphasizes a modified version of the Stone Age regime that includes such foods as fruits, vegetables, seafood, lean meat, nuts and seeds, and healthy fats. Dairy foods, grains, processed food, sugar, legumes, alcohol and starches are to be avoided. The plan also encourages people to be physically active on a regular basis.

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Firstly what does the Paleo Cookbook Series offer

8 Recipe Categories

• Snacks
• Meat
• Chicken
• Fish and Seafood
• Soups
• Salads
• Omelettes
• Desserts

Special Recipe Categories

• Chocolate (I am so sure that Caveman had chocolate)
• Capsicum Sandwiches
• Noodle Recipes
• Paleo Breakfast Recipes
• Foccacias

A Measurement Conversion Table

Paleo Guide To Getting Started

We found this the most beneficial part of the series by far. We started to change our diet, once we got into the mid to late 30’s, so we had the best part of 30 years eating, highly processed foods and high sugar foods. Guess what we loved this food, we figgin loved it, but we knew it was unhealthy. It was so hard to change, this guide certainly helped us.

Paleo Eating Out Guide

Also hugely helpful, if you like to dine out often, this will certainly help it give you some great tips on what to order to remain Paleo friendly

Paleo Food Guide

This is a really handy resource guide, it will give you a comprehensive list of paleo foods, list of fruits, vegetables and herbs (Help just by visiting the site, and joining their mailing list, you get a great free herbs and spices guide).
You also get the Paleo Shopping List, which will help for when you go shopping.

4 Ingredients Paleo Cookbook

This guide give you some great easy recipes that you can use, Basically its revolves around just using 4 ingredients to make quick simple recipes.

30-Day Paleo Meal Plan

This guide gives you a 30 day meal plan, showing you how to properly structure your Paleo Diet, to get the maximum benefit out of begin on the diet.

That is a load of a value for $37. the great thing is it’s a digital product so once you pay for it, you have it within minutes.

Click here to Go To The Official Paleo Cookbook Series Website

Now for the Bad points.

* Change is really hard (Again the guides will and do help).
* Being on a Paleo diet, can get a little expensive, by having to buy a lot of different food.
* Some of flavors and food can take a little to get used to.
* If your not the best cook in the world it can take a bit of getting used to cooking some of the recipes. But don’t worry mostly they are pretty simple.

The Good points

* You will loose weight (Yep, you will be surprised at the difference)
* You will have more energy (this really surprised us, with how much of a difference it made)
* Clearer, Smoother Skin (Again, once you cut out the bad stuff in your diet, your completion will clear up)
* Better Performance and Recovery (Once you get a bit of time on this diet, you’ll be surprised with how much better you can perform your day).

Our Last word

It took us about 3 months, to get comfortable with it, and to enjoy the changes in our lifestyle, but once we did it was FANTASTIC.  Now we’re not sure its for everyone though, but if you are serious about wanting to make some changes in your life and maybe feel a little bit better, then you should at least try the Paleo Lifestyle.

Click here to Go To The Official Paleo Cookbook Series Website


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