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A Belly Fat Diet Can Work

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As much as this site is about diet, recipes and amazing foods. Its more about healthy living.  So with that in mind if your looking for effective ways to get rid of the pesky belly flab? We’re here to recommend the belly fat diet to you.

In this article we’ll break down the types of foods you’ll need to incorporate into your diet and how to incorporate them. It’s time to stop stressing about getting rid of your belly fat, because we’ve got you.

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How a Belly Fat Diet Can Work for you

Belly fat is made up of a type of fat called visceral fat, which forms below the stomach muscle. Visceral fat, in excess, can be quite damaging for an individual’s health as it has been linked to diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity.

Visceral fat in the belly causes the overproduction of certain hormones and chemicals in the body, which deteriorate the quality of the other organs in the body, and can cause them to breakdown over time.

It is not an isolated problem of the belly, as it has the ability to negatively influence the entire body system.

Women whose stomach width lie above 35 inches, and men whose stomach width above 40 inches are classified as adbominbally obese.

This simply means that the amount of belly fat in your body is unhealthy and could lead to major health complications, down the road

Why Start A Diet?

A diet is a regimented program which makes it easy and convenient to plan and keep track of your daily meals. By making use of a diet you’re able to control what you eat, and the quantity of food you eat.

A diet makes it easier to be accountable for the types of food you eat, and helps you cut-back on the wrong food type and focus on healthy foods which will help you reduce the belly fat.

Belly Fat Fighting Foods

Below is a simple compiled list of foods that help to fight belly fat which could be a great addition to your belly fat diet.

  1. Green Vegetables (Yeah yuck.. well learn to like them)

Leafy green vegetables are low in carbs and are highly recommended for those looking to watch their weight and cut down on belly fat.

They are suitable for snack time and increase the amount of time your body feels full, which prevents you from being hungry frequently and choosing an unhealthy option. They are also effective in neutralizing free radicals, and help you look younger for longer.

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2.Almonds and Nuts (Our favorite go to snack)

Nuts are a healthy source of fat and other vitamins, and prove to be really useful in cutting down on belly fat and preventing its development.

  If you’re trying to prevent the development of belly fat, then nuts are a great way to achieve this.

3. Oats

Oats are a great source for protein and fiber, and a great way to kickstart your day. They make you feel fuller for an extended amount of time, which ensures you remain on the right track to fitness and belly fat loss.

4.Dark Chocolate

I know right! Chocolate, really? Just hear me out first. Dark chocolate is actually a healthy food option which contains negligible amounts of natural sugar and no added sugar.

It is great for keeping your body’s satiety levels up and is actually filled with zinc and other good minerals. Just ensure you’re not getting milk chocolate, or worse white chocolate.

5. Fruits

Fruits are a healthy option for snacks and can be incorporated into your meals as well. However, it is crucial that you utilize fruits with low glycemic index and those that have high nutrient content such as avocados, bananas and berries.

Food Portions

An important factor to keep in mind while on a diet is your food portions. While you are eating healthy, you also need to eat in moderation throughout the whole day.

It is crucial that you have a three main meals daily, with snacks in-between to prevent your body from getting hungry. The key is to eat moderately and constantly throughout the day.  You need to try to eat 6 times per day.

When portioning your meals, you need to keep a healthy balance between your vegetables, proteins and carbohydrates. The ratio can be 50:25:25, which ensures that you are getting all the necessary nutrients in the right amount throughout the day.

We honestly believe that having a healthy lifestyle, is the best way to beat belly fat and just feel better.   But take the above tips into count, when you are thinking about a belly fat diet that can work for you.  You can also check out these amazing tips on the importance of good nutrition.

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